Panorama of Prophecy

FREE LIVE Online Seminar Series Begins Friday, October 15, 2021

Panorama of Prophecy is an epic Bible adventure series. You’ll explore the pages of God’s Word to get clear, trustworthy, logical answers to your most pressing questions about life, prophecy, and the last days. You’ll not only receive a life-changing panorama of what the future will bring next, but you’ll also gain the practical tools you need to thrive in these challenging times!

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The Final Events of Bible Prophecy magazine is a captivating, colorful, and biblically accurate resource that outlines the events leading up to and beyond Jesus’ soon return.

Pastor Doug Batchelor says, “Anyone who even glances at the end-time prophecies and signs of the Second Coming can see that our world is plunging chaotically toward the fulfillment of the Bible’s predictions. Yet those who believe in Scripture can live with peace in the stormy times we’re experiencing because we know the end of the story.”

You will be encouraged and strengthened to face the end-times with confidence!

Critical last-day events covered by this timely resource include:

  • Undeniable signs of the Second Coming
  • The world’s condition before Jesus returns
  • The stunning, climatic return of Christ!
  • What happens during the 1,000 years?
  • The final judgment of the world
  • What paradise and eternity will be like and more!

You’ll Discover…

  • What recent events fulfill Bible Prophecy?
  • Is the Coronavirus mentioned in the Bible?
  • How to avoid being deceived in the last days
  • What is 666 and the mark of the beast?
  • What remaining signs & prophecies are to be fulfilled before Jesus returns?
  • How you can have peace and joy in your life today
  • …and much more!

Your Speaker

Doug Batchelor has experienced great extremes in his life. His long and winding journey from anti-social drug user to president of a worldwide ministry has helped shape him into an engaging speaker with whom audiences the world over can identify.

Today he is the president of Amazing Facts International, a multimedia Christian ministry. He hosts the weekly Bible Answers Live radio program, which broadcasts every Sunday at 7:00 pm Pacific. He can also be seen weekly on Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor.

His spontaneous, lively humor and down-to-earth approach to living the Christian life engages and brings hope and meaning to hearts from every kind of background.

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Friday, October 15, 2021
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